Why Text Messages Are Preferred

So, this is a crazy business! But you probably guessed that! The thing is, it is actually crazy in ways most people would never consider! Such as:

1. The phones will be totally quiet for an hour, and all the sudden, BAM! Six calls in 60 seconds! Guess what? It is impossible to answer them all! Text messages will still get through!

2. In the sudden panic of a burst of calls, it can be very difficult to track which phone number goes with which pick up address, drop address, requested time, number of passengers, and so on. With a text message all the important details are right there, and can be forwarded to a driver in a flash.

3. Some of the people who call may have been drinking! I’m sure this is a huge shock, but it is nigh on impossible to understand someone in a noisy bar or on the street who has been drinking for hours! So it takes a long time to take a booking, meanwhile it is very likely several other people are trying to get through.

4. On weekend nights we receive a call every ten seconds! Texts are usually all we can handle!

5. People that text are more likely to still be there when we arrive! One of the major issues we have to face is “dead calls,” meaning a driver goes to an address and the would-be passenger is gone or can’t be found. This happens far less frequently with people that text us.

6. It is of primary importance to me to pickup the people that have gone to the trouble to contact us! In other words, I want to get the right person, not just anyone who happens to be standing at an address. With texts, it is far easier to let the driver know to look for, say, “four adults and one child on the east side of Pack Square” instead of “Pack Square.”