About Asheville Taxi

Asheville’s 100% Locally Owned and Operated Ride Service

Asheville’s Favorite Ride Service

Asheville Taxi has been giving rides to the Asheville-Metro area since 2014. Our ride service covers the entire Asheville-metro area including rides to the Asheville airport. If you need a ride in or around Asheville, we got you!

We want you to have a safe and pleasant journey!
Need help with getting a ride or booking a reservations? Contact info@avltaxi.com or call (828) 333-1976.
Have a large group? Check out our 14-passenger Vans.

Asheville Food Connection

Giving Back

We partner with Food Connection to provide transportation for meal donations. When donor has surplus food, a driver is dispatched quickly to pick up the food and take it to a designated nonprofit recipient partner.

Our Crew

Owner Woody McKee

Woodward McKee

Seventh Beatle, Fifteenth Stone. Inventor of the Kit-Kat. AVL Taxi’s Beloved Leader served the crown as a spy surveilling Kim Jong-il as third assistant title giver, lived with the Knoch-Knochie Indians in the Brazillian rainforest, and was arrested during the Watergate Burglary. He subsequently went looking for himself in the Gobi Desert. Once found, he was seriously dehydrated and swore to never lose sight of himself or his water supply again. After completing a Manifesto, a Magnum Opus and The Great American Essay he decided to start a taxi business because it was the only remaining challenge. 

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Harper Shannon

Harper Shannon was born and raised in Oakland, CA and moved to Asheville in 2009 after hopping freight trains across the country. Harper began driving for Asheville Taxi in April of 2015, a year later she began to dispatch and in the summer of 2017 became our Asheville Taxi manager.

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One of our drivers


We love our drivers! We’re looking for locals who want to work for us.

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Our Asheville Friends


Asheville Brewing Company
Beer! Pizza! Quonset Hut! Movies! Classic Asheville joint, two locations, getcha some!

Green Man Brewery
Our best buddies downtown!

Highland Brewing
The OG Asheville Brewery! Take a tour, see a show! Say hi to Oscar!

Even More Breweries

Pisgah Brewing
Awesome beer, awesome shows, awesome crew!

Wicked Weed Brewing
The new classic, often a first stop downtown!

Wedge Brewing Co.
Take a van down by the river to this first mover from back in the day! Getcha some beers and peanuts. Hit the food trucks. See whats up in the dozens of studios and galleries nearby! Word!

Hit these joints and you will not regret it!

An institution at this point! Go upstairs to The Imperial Life for drinks at a lounge for grown ups with taste!

All time top five! French influenced latin fare. Feels like you stumbled on a secret. Daily ceviches, Blood Orange Margaritas, Lobster Nachos, baller wine list. Just go. Also brunch. Ok.