Booking Help

How to Make a Reservation

Please select the ‘Now’ button if you’d like to make a reservation, then choose your pickup window. Pickup windows for AVL Ride, AVL Ride XL, AVL Ride Black, and AVL Ride Black XL service classes are 15 minutes and the driver will arrive at the bottom of the pickup window. Please select a time that is 15 minutes BEFORE the latest time you’d want to be picked up. For example; if you wanted to leave by 6:00 AM at the latest, select 5:45 AM as the beginning of your pickup window. We also encourage passengers to put their flight number, number of passengers, and the latest pickup time in the ‘Note to driver’ section. Unfortunately, our app and web booker don’t allow passengers to edit their booking. If you need to make any changes to your reservation or pickup time after you’ve booked your ride please reach out to dispatch via phone, text, or email to make those adjustments. 

making a reservation step 1
making a reservation step 2

How to Add Notes to the Driver

When making a reservation in our passenger app or web booker please include a flight number if being picked up from the airport, number of passengers if more than one, latest requested pickup time, and any other pertinent information that would be helpful for our driver to locate you. 

**PLEASE for Airport pickups if you need assistance or are mobility restricted let us know in the notes so that we can have the driver meet you in the “Accessible Pickup Area” outside of baggage claim. Drivers are not allowed to pick up from this area unless the passenger is mobility restricted and has indicated so with a note.**

adding notes for driver step 1
adding notes for driver step 2