AVL Ride seeks sociable, reliable, “Ashevillians” to make cash money, and have fun! Help your neighbors get what they need from the store or get them where they’re going while having a good time getting there! We also offer some paid volunteer opportunities through Food Connection (we facilitate restaurant food donations to local shelters in need).


* Must be 21+ years old
* Clean Criminal and DMV Record (Background check and DMV check required)
* An up to date Android or iPhone
* Great Attitude
* Comfortable with early starts or late nights
* Understanding of smart phone apps
* EXCELLENT KNOWLEDGE of the Asheville area roads and businesses.

Personal vehicles would need to be a 2004 or newer, have four doors and be in good condition. Drive whenever you want, flexible hours as well as we also provide start up safety materials (face mask, gloves, etc.)

Troubleshooting FAQ

  1. Only need to fill out the asterisked (*) fields
  2. Only documents need for upload are a profile picture and drivers license.
  3. Verification document needed for bank verification is a photo of drivers license. Bank account holder name must match photo of license being uploaded. 

Got a message from us that you’re approved? Create your driver profile now!