Estimated fares to or From Downtown (at Sedan rate):
240 exits 6 & 7 Tunnel Rd Hotels, Haywood Rd, UNCA, Biltmore Village, Grove Park Inn: $14
Biltmore House, I40 exits 44 & 55 Hotels, I26 exit 33 Hotels: $20
Biltmore Park Town Square: $32
Asheville Regional Airport: $45
**These are estimates, subject to traffic and route, may change!!**
Other Fare Estimates:
Biltmore Village to Biltmore House: $12

*Fares are rounded to the nearest dollar. The airport fees are $0.50 for each car that drops off and $2.50 for each car that picks up. These fees are paid directly to the airport, thus we cannot round it down.

AVL Ride: $2.25 start + $2.00/mi (for the first 20 miles**) + $0.25/min = basic fare + $3/tech fee = Total Fare. ($10 minimum) This rate is app dispatch only! Click here to download the app! ***WE DO SURGE RATES OCCATIONALLY WHEN THE OTHER SERVICES RAISE THEIRS SO WE DO NOT LOSE ALL OUR DRIVERS!

Sedan (Up to 4 pax): $2.50 start + $2/mile + $0.25/min = basic fare + $3/tech fee = Total Fare ($10.00 minimum)

AVL SUV (Up to 4 pax):  $3.00 start + $2/mi + $0.30/min = basic fare + $3/tech fee = Total Fare ($11.00 minimum)

AVL+ (Up to 6 pax): $4.50 start + $2.88/mi + $0.49/min = basic fare + $3/tech fee = Total Fare ($13.00 minimum)

*Fares subject to change without notice*


Reservation cancelations are non-refundable inside of 24 hours of pick up time. If a fare is canceled after a driver has been dispatched the customer will be charged the full fare amount.

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